Third Party Car Accident Insurance Claims

Third Party Car Accident Insurance Claims

What is a third party claim? We’ll cover what it means in terms of car accidents here.

When an accident occurs, we need to assess whether it is due own fault or not. If it isn’t due to own fault but due to another vehicle, then third party insurance claim can kick-in. But it’s not as easy as it seems because almost no driver will say that they’re at fault.

Once the vehicle reaches the workshop and accident is reported, the surveyor will drop by to assess the damages. There’ll be legal representatives from both insurer’s to do their assessments as well.

If the third party application is rejected, the only option left is to report as own damage to be able to claim the motor vehicle insurance.

Heading to to an experienced workshop to help out with the process is very important. They will be able to accurately assess whether the third party claim will go through and advise accordingly.

If it’s a third party claim, you’re basically claiming the accident repairs from the other party’s insurer. This is the best case scenario as you do not need to pay anything and your NCD is probably not affected in any way. The workshop will settle all your needs and ensure that your car will be as good as new. The costs is 100% on the other party’s insurer.

By calling the S M Spray Painting hotlines 6384 1755 (Office) & 9822 8346 (Darren), your needs will be attended to immediately. We will give you on scene guidance and arrange for a tow truck that will reach anywhere in Singapore within 30 minutes. Accident reporting can be done here at our workshop easily and hassle-free.

At S M Spray Painting, you can have a peace of mind. With our prove track record on all major car forums in Singapore, be assured that you’ll have your car back in showroom condition. We use only the best and highest quality spray paint for all cars.

You can also find out more through the Motor Claims Framework(MCF) by the General Insurance Association (GIA).

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