How much does it cost to spray paint a car in Singapore?

How much does it cost to  spray paint a car in Singapore?

First of all, how much does it cost to pamper your car with a respray or a fresh change of colour?

Well, in its entirety every individual requirements differ so let us run a simple breakdown of how workshops are charging you in Singapore.

This is one of the first question most car owners have in mind when it comes to refurbishing or restoring their vehicle.

The following would be the detail breakdown:

1 Specifications of your vehicle
With different size comes different prices, with the amount of work that will differ with the surface area. For example, the size of a BMW 318i and a Toyota Altis may seem similar but the price quoted will turn out to be different despite the similarity in size. This is due to the quality of paint work and colour code used.

In another example, a Mazda with candy red colour might be taken aback with the price quoted to him. Within Japanese car makes, Mazda have taken a premium stance in the way they coat their cars which in turn affects when it’s brought to a workshop.

There are also a great variation of paint like Frozen Paintwork that’s higher tier in terms of quality.

2 Partial exterior respray or Full car respray?

The differences between partial exterior respray and full car respray:

  • Exterior Car Respray: Only on areas where the eyes can see from the outside with doors all closed are sprayed. (For example, when the door, boot and bonnet are opened, the trimmings inside are still in its original colour.)
  • Full car respray: The entire car, inside/out, places where the eyes can physically see or not, are all resprayed. The car will be fully stripped to ensure every single surface area is sprayed to the same colour.
  • A full car respray includes the interior intricate parts of your vehicle where paint was involved in your original car design. Skilful workmanship with professional understanding of dismantling your cars would be taken into consideration and hence, the charges would be significantly higher.

3 Same color or change in color?
A change of color would mean the removal of your current paint, and reapplying paint. Charges are based on the workmanship and labour time.

4 The quality of Spray Paint and lacquer
This would make up one of the highest contribution to the charges in comparison with the many quotes you would obtain. In layman terms, the concept of quality is alike to watching a show from an old tech ( analogue TV ) to the modern day TV antenna with 4K options available. Lower grade paint would mean lower grade in output in durability.

Here at SM Spray Painting we believe in premium materials producing premium quality when coupled with great workmanship, there’s no in-between.

5 Processes that do not cut corners for price wars

Processes are important for beautiful results, and there’s no difference with car spray painting services. We have made the stand not to exclude any of the workmanship process just to cut corners for price war amongst our competition.

With S M Spray Painting, we pride ourselves with industry experience over a decade in the industry. We have started and established our reputation on major car forums in Singapore.

Here are some of the community we are part of :

We do not offer bias towards cars, luxury or not. Every car is treated with our top optimal car care so you would not to worry. Overall, we are not the most competitive in terms of prices, however we are very competitive in our quality output so every client leaves satisfied!

To engage us, do check out S M Spray Painting or drop us a whatsapp! ( Click on )

2 Replies to “How much does it cost to spray paint a car in Singapore?”

  1. Ryan


    Bmw318i black in colour. How much will be the whole car spray painting 1. If I go back to black colour 2. If I change it to white colour?

  2. smspray_admin (Post author)


    Hi Ryan!
    1. Respray the whole car to the same black colour again. Our estimated quote for a whole car same colour respray is approximately $1,800 + GST.
    2. Change colour to white. Our estimated quote for a whole car colour change (inside/out) would be approximately $3,600 + GST.
    Thank you.

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