What Happens During A Car Respray Spray Painting Job?

What Happens During A Car Respray Spray Painting Job?

There comes a point in time whereby we would like to have our car resprayed due to various reasons. As a car in Singapore is really expensive, we usually go for a respray only in “conjunction” with an unfortunate event, a car accident. Whether it is a major car accident, a minor car accident, this is usually the time when we send the car to a car spray painting workshop in Singapore.

For major accidents whereby an insurance claim is made, that’s the most ideal situation for car owners as the cash outlay may or may not be involved at all depending on the insurance coverage. But for minor grazes, chips and dents, most owners tend to wait till the affected areas start to look “unbearable” before sending it to a car spray painting workshop. Only meticulous car owners will send in their cars to a car spray painting workshop immediately upon discovery of any flaw.

Sending a car for a spray painting job doesn’t come cheap as well. On top of it, there’s a really big difference in price between different car spray painting workshops. How much should you pay? Well, it depends on your expectations. Let us take a look at what are the basic steps taken when your car enters a car spray painting workshop in Singapore.

10 Basic Procedures To Respray A Car In A Car Spray Painting Workshop.

10 Basic Step To Car Spray Painting In Singapore.

Let us go through the 10 Basic steps:

Marking (What are markings?)

When the car enters the car spray painting workshop, the spray painting specialists will look through the car carefully, 360 degrees to look out for any flaws. Once that is done, markings are applied to all flawed areas so as not to miss any for the subsequent processes. This process requires a very experienced eye coupled with a hardworking attitude to be able to detect even the most minor flaw that a layman could not see.

Putty Application

Putty is then applied to the marked area. This process is done to even the surface. The more curves a car has, the tougher it is to ensure an even surface. This again requires a certain degree of experience to get it done right.


Next, the marked and putty-ed areas are then being sand-down using sandpaper. The right sandpaper needs to be selected first. There’s hundreds of different textures to choose from. Selecting the right texture to be applied on the car is crucial so as not to damage the car.


Once sanding-down is done, an undercoat/hardener is applied to the area.

Sanding-Down/Filing (Again..)

Once the undercoat is applied, sanding-down is required again to ensure a smooth finish.


Once the sanding-down on the affected area is done, the area needs to be washed thoroughly and ensure that no sediments is left. If the washing isn’t properly done, it will result in a botched paint job.


The process of covering up the car involves a lot of masking tape and papers. This is done to protect the areas of the car that does not require spray paint on them, brown papers or used newspapers are usually used to cover those areas up.

Spray Painting (Finally)

Finally, the car spray painting process can commence. The first 6 steps are repeated for each and every affected area. The 7th step of covering the excluded area up is done once .

Spray painting in done properly in an enclosed “oven”. This is to prevent external debris from flying in and getting stuck to the new coat of spray paint and lacquer on the car.


Once the layers of spray paint and lacquer are applied in the “oven”, the car can now come out to take a breather. The beautiful new coat will now get its additional shine, smoothness and protection from polishing.

Wash (Last Step)

At this juncture, you should be making your way to the workshop to collect your beautiful freshly spray painted car. After a nice clean, the car is then handed back over to its happy owner.

After going through the 10 basic steps, we now have a better understanding on the process and why it can’t be rushed. Next would be understanding the price-point. Many workshops will offer a lower rate in exchange for a shortcut car spray painting job.

A car is Singapore is already so costly. So do you want to your beautiful and expensive car looking botched?

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