How much does it cost to spray paint my car?

How much does it cost to spray paint my car?

This is the main question most car owners have. How much does it cost to either respray or change the colour of your car? Well, it is very subjective but let’s break it down how workshops come up with the pricing.

1st up is the size of the car. Different sizes, different price. This is something that most of us can comprehend. Next would be the car make and model. Perhaps the size of a BMW 318i and a Toyota Altis may seem similar but the price is different. This is due to the quality of paint work and colour code used. Sometimes, a Mazda (Candy Red) owner get a shock upon hearing the cost of his paint work. For Japanese makes, Mazda’s paint work is a cut above the rest. So it is quite different. It is like spraying a continental car. Also some car owners are looking for our famous Frozen Paintwork. That’s a class on its own.

Next would be if it’s just an exterior respray or a full car respray.

What’s the difference between the 2?

  • Exterior Car Respray: Only on areas where the eyes can see from the outside with doors all closed are sprayed. (For example, when the door, boot and bonnet are opened, the trimmings inside are still in its original colour.)
  • Full car respray: The entire car, inside/out, places where the eyes can physically see or not, are all resprayed. The car will be fully stripped to ensure every single surface area is sprayed to the same colour.

Due to the amount of time, skill and workmanship taken to do a full car respray, the price is usually almost double compared to exterior car respray only.

The next price variable would be if it’s just a same colour respray or a change of colour. Change of colour is definitely much more expensive due to the process. To get the right colour, the previous colour needs to be removed 1st. It’s a double job.

Next would be the quality/brand of spray paint and lacquer used. So what is the difference between a lower and a higher quality spray paint and lacquer. It’s similar to watching a show on the old box TV or the latest Ultra HD TV. This is the best way to put it. A poor workmanship will also result in uneven-ness and water marks.

The last price factor would be the process. Some spray paint shops go through the full process whereas some shop would skip certain process make their price competitive.

For S M Spray Painting, we’ve built a reputation over 10 years in the industry. We’re well-known in major car forums in Singapore.

Each car whether big or small goes through the same process. We do not discount on our processes on any car as that’s the standard. So at S M Spray Painting, only expect the best. We’re definitely not the cheapest because we can’t be. Due to the amount of work being put in, a highly skilled team and the high quality spray paint and lacquer used. But every car goes back to its owner satisfied.

So if you’re looking for a paintwork, do check out S M Spray Painting.

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