Good Car Paint Job & Bad Car Paint Job. How to tell the difference?

Good Car Paint Job & Bad Car Paint Job. How to tell the difference?

There’s hundreds on car spray painting shops in Singapore. At least 70% of them claims to be the best. As a consumer, how do I know what is the best car spray paint job.

Price is not everything. For the same car, some shops charge as low as $800 and some charge as high as $2000. That is a really huge range. So it all boils down to you. What are your expectations?

The 1st factor that determines the price is the process. Some paint shops literally just take in the car, give it a wipe and just spray over. That’s it! By doing that, you can definitely expect alot of bumps caused by impurities, mismatched colours, runny paintwork, etc..

This method actually works, and it is cheap. But I believe not many people want their car to look bad. Especially when cars are already so expensive in Singapore.

The next factor that determines price is the brand/quality of paint and lacquer used. There’s many brands out there in the market. That is the reason why the same colour paintwork on a super high-end luxury car versus a small economical asian-make car looks so different although they are of the same colour. The quality of car spray paint and lacquer produces very differing results. Your car can either look like watching a 1080HD movie or watching a 360p movie.

There are many factors to look into. The only way to assure yourself is by looking through past works done by the workshops and their reviews.

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