When going for a full car colour change, what to expect?

When going for a full car colour change, what to expect?

For car resprays, there’s a few categories that the term “respray” can fall into. They are mainly in these broad categories:

  1. Panel Resprays (e.g bumper, fender, door, etc..)
  2. Whole car same colour respray
  3. Whole car colour change

For the 3 broad categories, we’ll start with Panel Resprays. For panel resprays, they are usually the scratches, knocks, chips or grazes found on certain panels from the common ones like bumpers and fenders and the less common areas like doors, roof, bonnet and boot.

For a whole car same colour respray, basically we’ll do exterior respray. What does exterior respray mean? Basically, these are areas where our eyes can see. The entire car body from the outside and also the smaller areas that is seen when the door and boot are opened.

Lastly is “Whole Car Colour Change”. For whole car colour change, we receive many queries asking on where are the affected areas. Many also ask on why is it so expensive. Basically, it is an exterior and interior respray which is labour-intensive. Let us take a look at why is it so.

For exterior respray, it is quite straightforward. These are areas where we can see. But for interior, we will strip the car down so that we can even spray the interior panels to make the overall spray paint job immaculate.
So where are the area being stripped and sprayed, let us take a look at a few of these areas:

All the rubbers around the rims of the doors and windows are removed.
The covered areas of the bonnet is removed to spray the inside as well.
The interior door panel is removed as well to spray the areas that require a colour change.

Some ask, why spray those areas that cannot be seen. The main reason is to ensure that the colour change is a full one. That’s the reason why it is call a whole car colour change. It is literally the whole car. If not there might be a possibility that a little bit of the old colour can still be seen as a single line along the areas covered by rubber strips. Just a possibility although the team will do their best not to let that happen.

But different car owners have different expectations. If you feel that your car don’t need the interior colour change, just let us and know we’ll be more than happy to give you a much lower quote for an exterior-only colour change.

Hope we’ve all learnt something about car resprays. Come on down to S M Spray Painting for a car respray today!

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