Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On Car Spray Painting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On Car Spray Painting

Being in the car spray painting industry, we’ve received many questions related to car spray painting. In this post, we hope that we’d be able to answer some of it.
The usual questions are things like price, how long does it take, when to get a spray paint job done, is spray painting necessary and the list goes on. We hope to answer some of those queries here.

How much does it cost to get a car spray painted in Singapore?

This is the top question as it involves the most important thing, “Money”. Well, we’ve written a pretty detailed post on this, you can check it out here at, “How Much Does It Cost To Spray Paint My Car?”. But, we’ll still touch on this topic a little bit more here.
How much is the question? Honestly for a full car respray, you can get one from as low as $700 from a rundown spray shop to $5,000 when you go back to your agent to get your car resprayed. The majority will avoid the $700 and $5,000. Most will try to find the sweet spot whereby they can get decent results at the lowest price.
The average paintshops would offer somewhere between $1,000 – $1,300. For this price range, by right you should be able to ge a decent paintjob for your car. But, be prepared for perhaps some watermarks/tear stains somewhere. But as long as it isn’t too obvious or or somewhere obscured, many wouldn’t really mind. But would you mind if the paintwork looks like a 750p quality movie?
To be safe, usually those that charge between $1,600 – $2,200 should be much safer.
These are the usual prices in the car spray painting industry in Singapore. For us at S M Spray Painting, we are the “go-to” car spray paint workshop for car agents. So our paint quality and workmanship is top notch at all times.

When should you respray a car?

Well, the practical answer would be if the scratch is deep enough. There’s many layers to the car spray paint. Sometimes, only the lacquer layer is scratched. That isn’t too bad and you don’t need to respray that part too urgently. But if you car paint get scratched, best to get it done as soon as possible. Due to Singapore’s weather and air, the affected area will thin down reaching the car body. Over time, rust will start to appear. Once that happens, it’s becoming a disease that will soon give more problem. Treat it fast before it becomes too costly to rectify.

The usual areas that drivers tend to get nasty scratches are the front and rear bumpers and fenders. Once in a while, we get a side-mirror or door panel scratch. So, how much does it cost to spray those areas?

The common question we get is that whether can just respray the affected spot. The answer is, no. It’s like, if you’ve got a pimple and trying to use foundation to on a sweaty and oily face. It’s not going to turn out well. The best option would be to go for a partial panel respray. For those who are much more particular, get a full panel respray.

What’s for get a full panel respray?

If you go to a reputable paintshop like S M Spray Painting who never skip a step in the process of spray painting, your entire panel will be restored. Meaning, any chips, dents, uneven surface or any other issues will be rectified as well. It’s worth it!

How much does it cost to change the colour of a car?

Car colour change cost varies a little. Whether you want to change to another normal gloss colour or frozen/matte finish, the prices differs slightly.

By right, whatever the colour you choose as long as you have the colour code, any workshop can do it for you. If you give a colour code and the paintshop says they’ can’t do it, just walk away and find another one that can. Do not let them take their chances on your car. Whatever the colour you may choose, the price should be the same. If a paintshop charges different price for different colours, it’s a bit weird, unless the colour you’re asking for is outside the “periodic” table for car colours.

Can I paint my own car?

Of course you can! Just like how you can paint your own house, you can cut your own hair, you can repair your own TV set. You can do anything as long as you feel you can do it and you’re confident on doing it right. What you do may even turn out better that those super cheap paintshops out there.

All you need is the right equipment. Like a spray paint oven, spray, paint mixer, lacquer, sand block, a wide variety of sandpaper textures, putty and an eye for detail.

But, since a car is a luxury in Singapore no matter how small the car is, I don’t think anyone would take their chances. Just leave it to the pro’s and everything will turn out well. If you blotched your own paint job, the cost might increase to rectify the blotched job first then to do the actual job.

If you have any more questions, feel free to drop a comment and we will reply.


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